Friday, August 29, 2014

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Lost/Stolen Debit Card?
During Business Hours: (816)251-9000
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Keep your deposits insured!

Business Banking

Business Checking

Your business checking account is the key to your financial management. Unlock its ability to earn real rewards for your business with a customized plan from Summit Bank of Kansas City.

And of course, our business accounts come with access to standard products like ATM and Debit Cards and wire transfer services.

Money Market Accounts

Earn a higher rate of interest with Money Market Deposit Accounts (MMDA). In-bank withdrawals are unlimited, while transfers are limited to six per statement cycle. Balance determines the interest rate earned.

Certificates of Deposit

Summit Bank of Kansas City has a variety of rates and terms available, tailored to your investment needs. From 30 days to 5 years, rates are subject to change.

Wire Transfers and Other Services

Summit Bank of Kansas City does it all:

  • Domestic and foreign wire transfers
  • Direct deposit payroll
  • Telephone transfers
  • Automated clearing house (ACH) transactions
  • Night depository
  • Draft collections
  • Cashier checks
  • Travelers checks